MS1: Project Kick Off meeting held; management plan and tools implemented; LEO system requirements issued.

MS2: Market analysis and requirements issued; all LEO specs issued and SRR’s passed.

MS3: Dual mode and High Power SRR performed; all dual mode sub-systems specs issued and SRR passed; Value Generation Strategy issued.

MS4: First market awareness report issued; all LEO TRR sub-systems passed; all high power sub-system PDR’s passed; first validation EP2 2D code.

MS5: LEO System TRR passed, all LEO sub-systems PDRs passed; first CHEOPS workshop held; first Value and cost assessed.

MS6: All LEO sub-systems CDRs passed; LEO system PDR passed; High Power System Assembly Review passed.

MS7: Dual mode PDR passed; second CHEOPS workshop held; dual mode thruster simulation, exploration system assy review.

MS8: Final project review; all deliverables issued including Phase II plan.